Lincoln Memorial Secrets

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Author B Billy Mars – Professional Geologist

Writer of the H2onE2 and H3onE3 works

The Washington DC mall complex was engineered to be an “Inferno” and meets every detail describing hell, the underworld from ancient Greek, Roman and Christian literature, including most importantly Dante’s Inferno. The only thing missing from the DC Capital Mall is Dante and his pursuing inferno, but I have found him, imagery specific to his creation and the BOMB. The Potomac River, reflecting pool and pond in front of the Capital building have all been designed and built to meet the criteria of hell having three principle rivers. The Roman poet Virgil called the Acheron the principal river of Tartarus / Hell, this we call the Potomac River because we are only taught the Indian name. From the Acheron the Styx and Cocytus both sprang as told by Virgil. Dante, “In the swamp-like water of the river Styx, the wrathful fight each other on the surface”.

The Horsemen statues at the end of the Memorial Bridge are representations of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The 9 steps leading down from Lincoln’s Temple are Dante’s 9 circles of hell descending into the center of the earth, here the reflecting pool. Lincoln’s Temple is built to the dimensions of both Solomon’s First and Second temple. If the Bible is speaking of the future and of future prophecy than Lincoln’s Temple needs to be destroyed, so the last temple, the third temple can be exposed. Secret groups (Freemason’s, Skull and Bones, Knights of Columbus, ext. and many others) at the “leadership level” are following prophetic writing and plan to create a Hell on earth, ending in a fiery inferno.

The only reason I can explain, why you would make the Washington DC Capital Mall to the exact physical specifications of hell, to meet every accurate description of Dante’s Inferno, is to produce a Dante who then would set Washington DC on fire, in an inferno. To fulfill a prophecy setting the Washington Mall, symbolizing Hell on fire with an explosion would destroy the First and Second Temples of Solomon (Lincoln’s temple) and will start off the last World War, WWIII. As such, this elite group will need to create a Dante, someone able to falsely read the un-noticed symbology on the monument grounds and activate the detonator devise, the Dante Switch. I believe this Switch was engineered into the Ericsson Memorial. Like a Swiss watch. this monument was designed to puncture the main gas line feeding the mall. During my inspection of this statue, Larry from Utilityquest said main gas lines are in this area.

The Ericsson Memorial is located where Independence Avenue joins Ohio Drive in West Potomac Park, just down on a slope from Lincoln’s memorial Complex. The monument consists of Ericsson with his back to three mythical figures, suggestive imagery/objects and one trap/sliding door. I believe this door is the detonator switch, the Dante switch. It is possible that when the secret door is slid open, a screw mechanism with a loaded spring punctures the main gas line. The gas line would then fill the DC Mall sewer system with gas; one spark creates the Inferno. The best part is that no one will believe you and there is no way Dante can deactivate the bomb, bravo, well done and very Sherlock Holmesish.

Looks strangely similar to the 2010 World Cup Soccer Trophy

Over all the John Ericsson Monument is in the exacting shape of a typical thumb tac, pointing down with its needle intended to pierce the earth. As it turns out Ericsson spent his entire life as a military engineer, building implements of hell and destruction. His one big claim to fame was in designing the classical four bladed propeller, also called the screw mechanism. The Ericsson monument can be summed up as a giant thumb tac memorializing the inventor of the screw, an object that clearly speaks volumes to the possibility of trouble.

John Ericsson was no bodies, nobody in real life, who never served in political office and as the lowest-man on the totem pole of engineers ended up taking blame for other people’s mistakes. Basically, if something bad occurred you kept John Ericsson around to take the responsibility. The only thing he did that was considered inventive was patent the screw and build the Monitor, which was expected to sink at its launch. If a monument was going to be built to honor him it should stand in his hometown, Langbanshyttan, Sweden. This is where the plot thickens.

Sweden is where the next part of this story begins to take shape because the Ericsson monument was paid for by Crown Prince Gustavus Adolphus, later King Gustavas VI. Sweden is a monarch born and carved out by the fleeing Knights Templar’s and Gustavas VI belonged to the most secret of secret societies including the Order of the Golden Fleece and The Most Noble Order of the Garter. These secret groups tell the Freemason’s what to do, when to do it and how fast it should be done. The only way to get accepted into The Most Noble Order of the Garter is to be a pope or sovereign king like the Prince of Wales. So the John Ericsson memorial is not about the marginal inventor but built to destroy the Age of Iron, paid for by Tyrants.

The reason why Sweden managed to stay neutral for both WWI and WWII is because the Monarchs of Europe needed one place to store their treasure during times of war and social conflict. There is a statue on the DC Mall of Hercules which is draped in a Golden Fleece so the Order of the Golden Fleece is well represented.

The Golden Fleece is one of the most famous stories to come out of ancient Greece and in the President Garfield statue outside the Capital Building clearly has a statue of Hercules draped in such a garment. The final labor of Hercules was to set himself on fire and ascend to the heavens, so easily connected to a Dante’s Inferno.

The more interesting secret group is the society of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. These super elite secret societies design the statues, which the lower level Freemason’s than insure are built.  The Most Noble Order of the Garter does not sound very dignifying, seeing it is an object to cover a woman’s leg. Soon we will find out that the Garter stands for making statues and monuments with the female figures, covered below the waist, basically hiding Zeus’s Harpies.

Within the John Ericsson statue there are suggestive objects designed to trick someone into finding and opening the sliding door. The female figure in the statue is covered or hiding under a robe, this implies to perform the operation you need to cover yourself in a blanket or a hooded material that matches the granite stone. I believe this figure represents Dante’s Beatrice from the story, clearly someone to be avoided at all cost.

The next figure I call “poor naked Dante“, who looks as though he is holding a key, but it is not a key at all. This is a tool used to move rocks as a stone mason would use. The tool is a clamping devise, designed to pick up a stone block, as in a vise.  Here a hint is made that a rock must be moved to solve the secret and find a Dante treasure.

This clamping tool is actually pointing in the direction of the secret stone door.

The secret door is built into the shield of the third character, the warrior figure. Here the “warrior Dante” is shown after he has destroyed the First and Second Temple / Lincoln’s temple. The horn that the warrior Dante figure carries represents the Horn of Plenty, which in ancient Greek mythology provides endless food and wine. Basically, the naked Dante, by finding the secret stone block becomes the warrior figure and is accepted among the gods. Note the eagle wings on his helmet.

The John Ericsson Statue needs to be inspected for firing mechanisms that could trigger a Dante inferno switch. Although during my inspection of the Ericsson Memorial, I did locate questionable physical structures. In the statue there is a vessel or jar possibly marking Pandora’s box. Scanning the jar it is obvious that a hole has been intentionally made in this object. In my field book I also noted another hole that looked intentional and is located on the top of the square plate or pedestal which the mythical statues stand on. If you mentally remove the statue structure from the square, table or pedestal base it would now appear to be the backside of a pocket watch, a Swiss made watch.

This is the spring loading key hole on the Ericsson’s monument

This hole on the back of the turned over pocket watch pedestal, appears to be in the same place as you would find one on a similar mechanical pocket watch. The pocket watch hole on the back of the instrument was used to wind up the internal mechanism, basically load a spring. Loading the spring was done with a key that came with the purchased watch. On the Ericsson memorial the hole is filled in now with a cement or epoxy but is perfectly round and seemed to be intentionally constructed. That, and no other damage or comparable tooling or wear marks can be found on the statue.  In the Ericsson monument there must be a loaded spring, which when triggered will strike the tac and puncture the gas line, and “say la ve” Dante, “say la ve”, up to the heavens, you do go. A modern re-interpretation to this structure and possible outcome can be found in “Rocket Man”.

Lastly, let us consider that this massive Swiss watch is a timer, which is set to automatically be triggered, maybe 2012, maybe just in the future after the rusted retention pin decays. If so this devise is well represented in secret societies symbols, since all seem to have a clock in their inventory. A truly wicked twist of fate, because in the Bible “the Jesus figures”, is refused to be accepted and is killed, here Dante is ignored or rejected as a story teller and the population dies.

If you look very closely to the bulge or cloud exploding from behind all three figures, at a certain angle, human faces can be seen making ghastly gestures of pain and suffering. This must represent the Mall visitors caught in the pursuing fires, the inferno of hell and prophecy designed to be fulfilled on the Capital Mall/Hell.  Also the Ericsson Memorial sits on a compass rose, which culturally is a significant symbol and appears in many military patches and modern interpretations.

A more modern elucidation and colorful interpretation of the compass rose can be seen in the Grateful Dead Skeleton who often carries a rose in his mouth. Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan music is extremely prophetic, modernizing ancient biblical and Greek stories, replacing roman soldiers with their modern equivalent, street police; as understood in “Tangled up in Blues”. Basically the rose Skeleton from the Grateful Dead symbol is a re-interpretation of the elite skull and bones society, when the flower peddles symbolize flames. So, if the peddles are flames than the rose is a ring of flames, a ring of fire, hell on earth and Dante’s Inferno.

At the surface you may consider triggering the Dante switch, thinking that you could make Lincoln’s eyes shoot fire, or something at that degree. It should be considered that people who build and construct a replicated Hell on earth are extremely wicket, evil and monstrous. Let’s think of someone comparable like the Unabomber. If he gave you a package to open, would you open it? The fact stand, on any given day on the Washington Monument Mall complex, up to 100,000 middle school kids are visiting the sites. Do not get tricked by the John Ericson tac, screw it is the real devil’s work, preordained to offer sacrifices to the Lincoln / Zeus temple. I do not believe the Dante Bomb will explode the White House or Congress, just the kiddies visiting the mall.

The people that have resided in the White House or in Congress help design and conceal the structure, they are the watchmen. Bible; Matthew 27:65-66 “Pilate said unto them, Ye have a watch: go your way, make it as sure as ye can. So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch”, here I think setting the watch means loading the spring. And again, more instructions show up in this bible passage, Isaiah 21:5 “Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield”. So here the biblical scripture tells the followers of the bible, these watchman characters to prophetically place the Dante Switch, in the statues shield.


In the line Isaiah 21:5 “Prepare the table”, instantly has me thinking of the sacrificial table in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; the fantasy children’s novel by C. S. Lewis published in 1950.  C. S. Lewis, an Oxford Professor, not only wrote The Chronicles of Narnia but also one of the most famous Christian books to come out of the 20th century, the Christian Apologetics.  So he was well versed in a deep understanding of a universal sacrificial figure in mainstream promoted media. In the Narnia story the lion surrenders to the witch to be sacrificed, for some reasoning I cannot recall; stupid lion. Basically, this story is a simulation to the Passion of Christ story, were a Lion is substituted as the Universal Sacrifice.

Now, the indisputable relationship between the Narnia story and the John Ericsson Statue can be found in the statue lady who is noted as wearing a robe. C. S. Lewis must have evolved the robe to signify a wardrobe to reference the Ericsson statue. Under the wardrobe must be Beatrice from the Dante story, definitely a witch. Now, the Naked Dante and Warrior Dante must together symbolize the emergence of a lion type figure. Without doubt C. S. Lewis, integrated the Ericsson Monument in his title and story of Narnia and new very well this statue is a bomb, designed to destroy the Iron Age of man. Crazy right, but really life is much more scary and wild than anything someone could by-fare be imagined.

Now, I did drop a draft copy of this document off at the Mall Ranger and the Park Police station so I expect them to be at the very least monitoring the Dante Switch and will evacuate the Mall of all the kiddies if the door is opened by some yahoo treasure hunter. I won’t hold my breath but we can only hope for the best. This is an unbelievable story, but I am here only to interpret the art and describe its meaning, draw a larger picture, I cannot predict the future. I can also not take responsibility for anyone else’s actions; I am just your humble poor Geologist, your narrator. I have no resources to hire a security person to monitor the Dante Switch, or influence an outcome. I stand my ground, with what has been provided, pen and paper and no book sales, thank you. Although, if someone would place epoxy in the cracks of the Dante Switch than that might buy more time.

The Lincoln memorial was designed to emulate Zeus’s temple or home in the heavens; it is beautiful and majestic but hides dark meanings, as in under the Garter.  In ancient Greek mythology Zeus’s temple had one distinct feature well demonstrated in the Lincoln memorial, these are two large urns. One urn to hand out good and the other to pass out evil. The two urns outside Lincoln’s temple are clearly fashioned and embellished with corn. So, some get corn others won’t.

The truth is to maintain control over the self evident humans, Zeus, the ruling elite needs tools and war is a required evil to handout. So here I will prove, this is not a temple to honor Lincoln, mark the ending of slavery or reunion of the North and South. This temple is designed and constructed to repress the intellectual and artistic community, create tyrannical structure, fortify an elite ruling class and execute a biblical prophecy. Lincoln’s temple exists to be above the law, above the United States Constitution, which clearly demands a separation between Church and State. Lastly, I will uncover Dante’s image at the Lincoln Temple.

Zeus can take any shape or form, sometimes he appears as an eagle, other times a white feathered goose, an oak tree, serpent or bull. Hear Zeus has taken the shape of Lincoln, so you see Lincoln but you feel the presence of Zeus. Of course, Lincoln did free the slaves, but not with his wit, charm, ingenuity or political prowess, no Lincoln did it with nearly one million dead and a horrific civil war. Most importantly the fact stand for themselves, the nearly one million deaths occurred at the inception of the industrial revolution, which would have freed the slaves, by science and innovation.

So inside, to the north and south side chambers are carved inscriptions of Lincoln’s second inaugural speech, which is in opposition of his Gettysburg Address. Above the words, the pantheon, the gods are positioned in the two large paintings by Jules Guerin called the reunion-murals.

These two paintings show that the gods are well above the laws or words of man, of country. Only man is equal to man, gods, the ruling elite are above all others. There are two opposing paintings facing each other, three numerated scenes to the right of Zeus and three denominated scenes to his left, north and south respectively.  One beautiful bare breasted winged female centers each opposing painting, to the right of Zeus and one winged female to the left.

South reunion mural

North reunion mural

The same females are shown centered in all six scenes, but the other figures illustrate these females with their wings retracted or hidden. This is more than apparent, because all central female characters, in each scene look similar, akin to each other as would sisters. Here the two paintings either show six sisters or three looking into a mirror, which then produces the other image, the opposing painting.

In the presence of Zeus, the women are shown as beautiful, but they symbolize the filthy harpy hags, the Dogs of Zeus, the hounds of war, the three Harpy sisters from Greek mythology Aello, Celaeno and Ocypete. Harpies are death spirits that appear above the waist as women, only sometimes grotesque, below the waistline they are winged eagle’s.

This is the reason why, Jules Guerin painted no legs or feet on these demons and covered their lower body parts in garb, the GARTER. To help hide the tyrannical elements, it is sometimes important to mark what is not shown or demonstrated in an image.

The three harpy sisters were always ravenously hungry, and humans are on the top of their food pyramid.

Lincoln’s temple was almost designed in the shape of a pyramid but the truth is it was built to resemble Solomon’s First and Second biblical temple, in size and proportional ratios. Solomon’s temple from the biblical accounts was built three times the first destroyed by the Babylonians. The first build was done by Solomon himself, so it is called the First Temple; Kings book one 6:2, “The temple that King Solomon built for the LORD was 60 cubits long, 20 wide and 30 high”.

A cubit is a ratio of a length, like a fraction it can only be accounted against another cubit or replace with any consistent unit of measure. The current explanation given by the historical societies is that a cubit is a length from hand to elbow. Hand to elbow varies and as such a cubit just describes a ratio of a variable of consistent lengths. Lincoln’s memorial temple will be in a ratio of 60 lengths long, by 20 wide, by 30 tall kind’a like the shape of a kids lunch box. Some of the Temple structure is buried below the main deck so it’s true 30 cubit height is hidden.

The second temple was rebuilt by Zerubbabel out of the remaining stones and called the Second temple or the Temple of Zerubbabel.  The Second Temple was built after the Jews returned from enslavement in Babylon; Ezra 6:3 “Let the temple be rebuilt as a place to present sacrifices, and let its foundations be laid. It is to be 60 cubits high and 60 cubits wide, with three courses (I am thinking steps) of large stones and one of timbers.” The First and Second temple are actually shown in the Lincoln structure. The First Temple dimensions are in the center square minus the 36 columns and stone porch structure.

I imagine the Second Temple dimensions are maintained in the area of the porch and 36 columns. Now, for the steps, which are not shown in human proportion. The steps from the biblical description are shown much larger, more suitable to the size of a 19 foot Lincoln statue. This is why Lincoln’s Temple sits on three large white marble steps. Below the three white steps is a brownish/gray granite, which was chosen to immolate or resemble the description of the wood from the biblical passages.

Herod then remodeled the second temple, just before the time of “the Jesus”, this being the last and Third Temple. In Chronicals second book 3:1. Herod made the temple double in size from its original plan. That temple was destroyed in 70 AD, by the Romans and has never been rebuilt. A future temple is suppose to be built by a post-modern Jesus, but my best guess is he would spend his time destroying Lincoln’s temple, not building onto a tyrannical system. The Third Temple is the Pi or circle square machine well uncovered in the H3onE3 book.

The two winged Harpies in the painting could be considered as representing two winged Sphinxes. Some accounts of ancient Greek mythology state there were three Harpies, others only mention two Harpy sisters. Since two Sphinxes are an undeniable Freemason symbol the two winged females in the painting clearly distinguish that the Lincoln Temple is a Masonic structure. It is more than likely that the symbol of Blind Justice and her balances representing the legal system is also a Harpy, hidden and covered from the waist down with draperies, her GARTER, but holding Zeus’s two urns, now represented as balances; to pass out both good and evil. The Statue of Liberty actually has feet so I do not believe she represents a harpy.

Exactly just how genocidal are the Freemason secret organization can be found here, in the bible passages Ezea 6:2 Solomon’s Temple is a temple, “a place to present sacrifices” and since sacrifices do not fall like apples from the tree of life, they must be offered as a gift. Lincoln’s temple is a monument of intent, with the intent, clearly showing the American Civil War was an event designed to occur by the ruling elite / secret organizations; driven by the media. The Lincoln monument does not stand as a representation of a New World Order but a continuation of repressive order, of tyrannical rule. The American Civil War was as artificial as a veggie burger, intended to produce sacrifices to the God, to the Freemasons and other associated secret elitist totalitarian groups.

In the two paintings by Jules Guerin called the reunion-murals the harpies are hiding something or should I say someone, Dante to be exact. To solve the harpies puzzle first requires an explanation of the hand and finger signs in the painting. The most obvious hand signs show one harpy reaching for the sky, the heavens and in the other painting has a harpy reaching down to the hell.


On the out stretched hand, the winged harpy is clearly throwing up the same amount of digits or variables ( X, Y, one finger, two fingers together) on her left hand, as on her right. So the hand signs are saying this is a math problem and you need to setup the calculation.

On the horsemen / horsewoman statue at the end of the Memorial Bridge, the female figure is projecting the same open hand gesture, with two closed middle fingers, this being in the same hand design played in the Jules Guerin painting. The other 2 horseman statues represent the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, which I have already detailed in a rather comical video.

At Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the Michelangelo’s statues, the famous “The Pieta”, this mother Mary figure is making the same hand signs, as can be found in the Memorial Bridge horsewoman and the Jules Guerin harpy paintings. This must mean mother Mary is a harpy and not holding Jesus / Bad Kind David but she is actually suppressing and starving him, basically befouling his food and objects. Mother Mary in the Pieta statue is shown with no feet or legs, she is simply covered in draperies, the GARTER and a harpy.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is another example of a harpy, which can be seen on many cheap dollar store candles. In many of her images, the Virgin of Guadalupe has a baby Jesus looking under her dress, were he is discovering no human feet or legs, and in conclusion finds a harpy.

In reference to the hands of the harpies pointing both up and down, to the Greeks there was one thing above all that had something below it at all times. In fact, a number was not just a number, but to the ancient Greeks a number was always over another number, as in a fraction. The number 1 to the Greeks was always considered to be 1/1, causing clear confusion. The Greeks were well smart enough to represent a number with a decimal or remainder, even if it was zero and a whole number, they refused to. Some scholars might say the Greeks thought of their fractions as art, perfection, others might wiggle out another explanation but the truth is, if math was made easy any Indian could perform math and this is what the Greeks did not want. So the reunion-murals were made so only the educated, upper elite understand them and can solve the secret, find the Dante.

Hidden meaning is also found in the Jefferson memorial on the same memorial grounds / complex structure. The Jefferson Memorial is basically in the form of a circle cross. The dome represents a circle and the floor is presented in the shape of a cross; see my Circle Cross video for purposes of enlightenment.

The statue of Jefferson here also represents Zeus but here a slight “hand of trick” is being played to the audience. As the king, Zeus holds court for the visiting subjects, which I like to call show Pink hide stink. When entering the temple, Jefferson statue has his coat open as if projecting his humanity and openness to his subjects. This gesture is re-enforced by the eloquent words scratched into the walls of the artificial cave.

In the statue, Jefferson is wearing a long wizard like coat, which if you move around to the back of Zeus, as though to strike a death blow, you will see his coat is hiding stalks of corn. So why is this statue shown hiding corn in his coat? Is the plan to remove the corn at some point and have the races fight over dwindling resources? This would describe well, both the underlining and real causes of WWI and WWII. Limiting resources will cause race, religion and social class conflict. Prison is a great example of different races assimilating and fighting over limited resources. Zeus, the ruling elite plan the destruction of the Iron Age with the removal of corn and the eloquent words scratched into the walls are a trick to be played along with the opened coat gesture.

Well back to Lincoln’s temple and re-assembling the paintings. The painting of the Harpy with the raised hands needs to be placed above the painting with the lowered hands. This will arrange the math problem correctly to now embody a fraction. Each character signifies one integer/number, when rationalizing the fraction, each god can be eliminated as simple variables ( X, Y, one finger, two fingers, holding a position to mark a number). Basically, you cross out the figures as though they are all variables. Well, I will not perform the elimination for you but by crossing out all the people, one by one leaves you with a small naked baby. This baby is easy to find for he is the only one “not” looking out at the public or sideways toward the other deity. The baby is looking back at the gods and judging them by their actions, deceit with temperance.

When all the other deities in the heavens have been provided with substance food, wine or fire/light this baby has been given nothing. Although, they cannot seem to just cast him away, as Christian god did Satan. No as small as he is he stands before them, unmovable, but his face is hidden to us. Jules Guerin is suggesting, you can eliminate each god from heaven, one at a time as simple integers, but not this baby, and apparently not Zeus. Zeus will always be a force, which will have to be defeated over and over, he symbolizes the human struggle.

In the biblical account there were important objects and treasures in all three of Solomon’s temples, so we will have to search for referencing structures on the Mall. So now we must pay the ferryman Charon his silver, to carry are dead souls across the Potomic / Archeron River to Hades / Tartarus / Hell. Hell, guided by the Roman poet Virgil begins at its gates, Dante passes through this gate of Hell, which bears an inscription, the ninth (and final) line of which is marked by the famous phrase “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”, or “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. Maybe at this point we should leave but I am not finished with the story or brewing the plot and you are in hell already anyways.




We will enter hell up a large flight of stairs on the back side of Lincoln’s Temple.  Dante’s hell consists of concentric circles, representing a gradual increase in wickedness that most importantly descends to the centre of earth, where Satan is held in bondage. Lincoln sits above the first circle of hell as Zeus, he is above Hell on a pedestal. The visiting and admiring guests are permitted to gaze upon the heavens as would a homeless person peer through the gates of a mansion. The first Dante circle begins below the white marble, and at the level of the gray/brown stonework, here is the first circle of hell, Limbo.

As told by Virgil, the Limbo circle resides the unbaptized and the virtuous pagans, who, though not sinful, did not accept Christ. They are not punished in an active sense, but rather grieve only because of their separation from God, without hope of reconciliation. People come to Lincoln Temple to feel closeness to Lincoln, as if he were a great man and grieve to some extent. This first step might be the most important to the Washington DC Mall complex because soles who have not found Christ in life, will need to be memorialized in death with Christian symbols. On the DC mall, we will have to find Christian symbols to mark the description of Limbo.

Leaving Lincoln’s Temple from the top floor you drop down, nine flights of steps, which will take you to the Reflecting Pool; the next river in Hell. As we descend down through earth, through hell, we move down the steps. All the levels of Hell are well described in the H3onE3 book so you will have to read their description there, posted free online. The Reflecting Pond symbolizes the next river in hell Styx and the Pond in front of the capital building is the river of Cocytus respecting the three primary rivers in Hell. It is possible that the WWII memorial is representing, as told by Virgel, the last part and deepest center of hell. This is a very important part of Dante’s inferno because it is here where he escapes Hell and ascends out of the center of earth. It also appears lower than any point on the Mall, a base line to any survey.

Before we leave the WWII monument we must pick up the Christian theme. Most structures have both a Greek god interpretation and a parallel Abrahamic / Christian theme; since, the first evolved from the second. Dante stands between religions, on many legs, which experience a continuation and modernization of the prophetic writings. At the WWII memorial, the Christian theme begins to take shape with the symbolic three dimensional crosses.

Instead of placing a Christian sacrificial cross on each represented state wall, a horizontal hole has been made to denote the center cross line, the metal bar at the top are the crossing beam. What makes this 3D cross even more repulsive is that it has the finishing touches of nails, where you would expect to find the hands of Christ, nailed there to suffer. Here is the Christian symbol to mark those who spend their life in Limbo. I should also mention the wreath which completes the circle and Circle Cross.

In the Old Testament, all 3 Temple’s are furnished with a bunch of junk but two items can be clearly noted in the WWII monument columns. The first are the candle sticks from the Temple, which were numbered as 10, depending on how you interpret the biblical work. In Solomon’s temple there were ten separate candlesticks of pure gold, five on the right and five on the left of the Holy Place (1 Kings 1/7/49;  Chronicles 2/ 4/7).  The circle cross built into each column must possess duality and equally reference a burning candle. In the third and last temple re-construction, (Chronicles 2/3/16) there is also a mention of a necklace of chains, placed above the temple columns. At the WWII monument the chains are clearly present and accounted for, but are below or at the bottom of the columns. The only way to raise the chain to a point above the columns would be to make an explosion, an inferno.

Now the third temple has already been built but has not yet been uncovered or exposed. I am thinking this is the Job of the created Dante, Droog, I call him the Universal Sacrifice in the H3onE3 work. The third temple to Solomon is made as a Masonic secrete triangle. Here the sacred triangle is covered with the Park Rangers explanation that the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall. Now, I have not properly surveyed the structure, so I am kind’a forced to take their value. But, the monument sits on a hill hiding the full height and it should be exactly 583 feet. This is an extremely significant number. The Washington monument’s buried structure is elaborate and detailed. Old construction photos show flights of stairs, so buried stairs. The hidden stairs of the Washington Monument almost appear as, intended to be uncovered in the future, by a Dante.

The secret Masonic Triangle, the Pi squaring machine is well outlined in the book posted free online. This triangle runs from the tip of the Monument, to its base 583 feet, turning 90 degrees and running 3500 feet straight at Lincoln’s temple / Solomon’s First and Second temple. The triangulation lines than returns to the tip of the Washington Monument, over a distance of some 3548.48 feet. This holy triangle is sacred to the Freemasons because half of its length, the 3548.48 foot length can be used to square an area of a circle.

Before I forget, I was recently asked what importance the pentagram is in symbolic projection. Well there are many meanings and understandings but all focus at an origin, the square of a circle. Two important references come to mind as being the most significant. I would say significant because they both occurred at the creation of religion. The oldest understanding is that the pentagram represents four points that define a square and adds one to respect an additional point which marks the center of a circle. So a pentagram would mark a square of a circle in respect to its underlining meaning. The the Pentagon building has a pentagon shaped base and many of the streets in Washington DC can be sketched as pentagons. The pentagram is a symbol of repression, so commonly sewed on as police badges. It is like saying, fear my mighty pentagram, you who seek intellectual insight and freedom.

John of Patmos the writer of Revelations, further added prophecy to the significance of the five secret points, which can be found in his five horsemen. Yes, there are not four horsemen but five, two riders, ride together. If you find a symbol of two Knight Templars riding on the same horse, well that is both Death and Hades.  I know this is so cruel and unusual punishment for an Atheist god hating geologist that is solely interested in earth functions. Well, if Zeus controls the knowledge of the earth and its environment than it must be stolen and I will be your master thief.

Other additional obvious elements that show Washington DC was built to represent Hell can be found in most Sculptures. The Smithsonian Institution Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden is one of the more combined interpretations of Hell. All the distorted figures here represent a specific sin and the prescribed punishment in the underworld.


Showing you are inside hell a Maze, the Labyrinth

The large rabbit at the bottom of the Sculpture Garden entrance stairway represents Charon the ferryman of the underworld. He stands there in the shape of a rabbit but this hides his real identity. The only distinguishing feature from Greek Mythology that describes Charon was his large wolf ears. So a bunny was used to help hide the understanding from the public, the poorly read Indians.

Basically you cannot have a Hell without first starting with its gate keeper, so he is the most important figure on the Mall / Hell and countless re-interpretation have been made by the art and music community. I have explained the wolf relationship in a 6,000 word short story, my Wolf Man movie review. Basically, I take the largest amount of knowledge, place it in the smallest package and sell it for as little as possible, a nominal fee, the cost of a cheap beer.  If any material has a direct social importance or negative consequence as this story does, to being human, I post it free and even make videos. I suggest you purchase the Wolf Man movie review but it is not required to interpret the DC Mall Inferno.

Charon at the mall is artistically represented as a rabbit and this has not fallen from view by the art and music community. Images and stories of a rabbit in popular culture quickly sprang up. Jefferson airplane’s song White Rabbit is an example of Charon, as a bunny rabbit being adopted into popular culture and music. On the DC mall there are actually two rabbits, one small at the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden, which holds the silver coin and a much larger version with no coin in a different sculpture garden. In the Jefferson airplane song White Rabbit an important line can be uncovered “One pill makes you larger / And one pill makes you small / And the ones that mother gives you / Don’t do anything at all”. The pill described in the White Rabbit song is referring to the silver coin in the hand of the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden rabbit. This would be a BAD bunny rabbit, a Hitler bunny of sorts.

This is the Large bunny, the thinker rabbit outside the Hirshhorn at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.

Van Morrison in Naked in The Jungle uses these lines to talk about the Rabbit Charon at the Hirshhorn Museum, “Big fish eat the little fish, and the rabbit’s on the run / Big fish eat the little fish, and the rabbit’s on the run / Some folks gettin’ too much, other just ain’t gettin’ none. Here The Band in their song Band On The Run talks about the rabbit Charon, “Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun, … And the jailer man and sailor Sam were searching everyone / For the band on the run, … And a bell was ringing in the village square for the rabbits on the run”.

The reasoning behind the rabbit mentioned as always running can be found in the wiggle or multi jointed legs that the Coin holding Hirshhorn Museum rabbit Charon has been designed with. The many legs means he stands in many examples of prophetic writing Greek, Abrahamic and most likely also the Holy Qur’an. I have not read the Qur’an but if someone finds him send me a message in a bottle please. Once you pin point, the origins of all things evil you can easily follow its cultural proliferation in other jointed media.  This artistic propagation is actually a social perpetuating mechanism of control because, if you would tell people what rabbit is at the genesis, than you are the rabbit and you kind’a need to run for it.  What little ground I hold, I stand on to make rabbit soup of all this nonsense.

The distorted figures that the rabbit Charon is guarding at the gates of hell are actually amusing to extract as far as suggested sins and perusing punishments. The fat statues would be gluttony; statues with weapons would be killers and so on. Print out a copy of The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins, prior to your visiting hell. I cannot name them all or need another “to do list”. Just check the Dante Inferno Dead-man’s switch and don’t bring your kids to Hell, you should only venture there at your own peril.


Lazy / Sloth

Envy -Dante defined this as “a desire to deprive other men of theirs. In Dante’s Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire.

If you do have to go to the mall for some reason, you want to go across the memorial bridge, make a hard right and check the Dante switch, as not activated. I figure it might take an hour or even a day to become functional. Just imagine what the Park Rangers are going to think when they believed they were monitoring a national Park when in actuality they are managing a national bomb. Even American’s with their god, flags, apple pi’s, now will have Hell, Dante and his inferno, they will only believe it, when their kids are blown to kingdom come.

Proof can be found in the actions of other intelligent people, who like myself are well read and able to also recognize the paradigm present at the Hirshhorn Museum sculptor Gardens. These people would likewise, at the bottom of the stairs identify the bunny rabbit to be Charon. This is a problem for the museum because the small pond next to the bunny, quickly fills with silver coins; payment for the ferry man. So, a sign is posted to “please not throw coins into the pool”, because they get so many coins that the pond is actually being damaged. The museum does not want your donations or charity, it only acts as a mechanism of control and directs the artistic community, to insure the ruling elite maintains population control. If they lose the art community they lose everything.

The coin that the bunny holds has an upside down Freemason pyramid with four XXXX marked on it. The only thing that has four X’s can be found in Abraham Lincoln’s speech the Gettysburg Address, “Four Score and Twenty Years Ago”. The Roman number X equals 10 and four times ten would equal 40, an accepted halfway marker in life. Dante’s inferno, considered the greatest work outside biblical writings starts with the line, “Midway this way of life, we’re bound upon, I woke up in a dark wood, where the right road was wholly lost and gone”. The lost road indicates a maze and the wood reference describes Solomon’s second temple which sits on a wood base. The words bound upon are references to Dante being forced on this prophecy, similar to the Oedipus figure, whose legs were tied and bound at birth by his father.

Joan Miro sculpture called the Lunar Bird was not designed to represents a bird at all. This is the horned Greek Minotaur, a pre-Satan figure who dwelt at the center of the Cretan Labyrinth; an elaborate maze-like structure designed by Daedalus. The museum Sculpture Garden is likewise  built as a maze.

In the maze there are a group of tortured soles decorated with ropes hung around their necks. They stand there clinching keys, as if in an attempt to unlock hell to free themselves they have become further locked in hell; here they suffer. The keys that the “Watch Men” are holding are without doubt pocket watch keys. The very key that turned and loaded the spring on the Dante Inferno Switch.

In the biblical account of Solomon’s temple it held the most valuable treasure in the world. This can be confirmed with Lincoln’s temple when studding the level of security at the site. Analyzing the security at Lincoln’s Temple it can only be described as massive, layered and equal only to Fort Knox and should hold the most important, significant and prized treasure in the world; just like Solomon’s Temple. By making a simple head count of all the Guards, there are 20 to 30 times more security than can be found at the Jefferson Temple, a structure of equal physical value. At Lincoln’s temple there are even dual Park Ranger stations, one at each corner, able to cross all visual angles around the structure.

In practicality, it would be more sensible to hide a massive treasure in a public space than to removed it from view, because the ignoramus Joe public with their cell phones and I-pod technology would add an additional level of security. Now, from my limited time on the Washington mall, I have viewed firsthand sewer workers being escorted by armed guards, when typically this would not be the case, unless they were working under the White House or a bank.

We would like to think and even believe at times things in the movies are true, sometimes they are or are backed up by some amount of twisted meaning. So the idea of strapping on your Raiders of the Lost Ark boots and toggling a pin hole key switch, releasing a trap door and expose a treasure might exist, but it might also be the Dante switch. I believe, in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, Harrison Ford pulled a switch and a giant “round, circle” ball rolled at him. There are always two roads to finding treasure, if that is what you seek, for me I see no happiness there, just sorrow.

Since I have performed surveillance, on the surveillance security patrol I could maybe outline the different levels.  I discovered four levels of security at Lincoln’s temple. Layers of security actually help insure that a treasure would not get stolen by the security detail themselves. The top level of security seems to be the armed park police, than lower down the chain of command there are many Inter-con uniformed “white shirt” security guards. Next there are more park rangers at this location than you can shake a stick at anywhere in the world. Now the last level of security and the most effective is dumb Joe the public.

Pull out a tape measure or hand level and 20 questions begin to pop at you like a cap gun handled by a five year old.  You will also quickly experience a close fly over, “I mean a real close” fly over of military helicopters to intimidate you on your treasure quest. I have to mention, I actually called the Park authority to ask if I could perform a professional survey with high quality equipment and as I remember the Park Rang, told me “I needed a permit and to have good luck on my quest”.

Well, the first of your twenty questions will come from a white shirt inter-con security guard and yes this is my way of assimilating them to Hitler’s Brown Shirt military organization.  The white shirts appear at first glance to be standard low paid, minimum wage shopping mall security guards but their cheap polestar costumes are deceptive. The White shirts stand at attention the entire time and actively scan the crowd, as though little kiddies have wall walked from the shallow end, into the deep end of the pool. Within 5 seconds of pulling out a measuring tape, one of the older male “white shirt” guards quickly approached me, questioned my activities and threatened me. The threat was “the last time someone measured on the inside of the monument he was detained and interrogated for 2 hours”. I responded by saying “do you have his name, maybe we can work together”.

The older white shirt had no name tag and quickly ran off to get the higher level of the security detachment, a Park Police woman. The white shirt security detail appears to have two more levels of authority. This older guy is definitely the boss and a Freemason. In the Freemason meeting there is always one clown that represents the position of the guard and stands at the door. This guard holds the sanctified key and keeps the door locked during the meeting.  The old white shirt man must hire and fire the other white shirts and make sure they are scanning the crowd at all times.

The Park Police woman that was called over was a cutie, friendly and armed, just my kind’a woman really. I laid out my cover story along with my typical lying shit ass grin. “I am making a virtual Lincoln Temple in Second Life, a virtual world so people who can’t come to DC can enjoy the Temple”. The old white shirt guy was standing at attention off to my left, listening quite intently to my rather friendly interrogation and belched out “it is a memorial, stop calling it a temple”. Well, I did not stop calling it a temple but this did confirm to me he is a freemason and the fact this is a temple. The Park Police lady had me cough out an ID, which my name was than announced over the Police radio band along with the typical Bravo, Delta and Omega crap. As the world turns and the oil burns, I was permitted after a long wait to take measurements, and I did for the next 4 hours.

The one thing I quickly found out about Lincoln’s temple is it is neither square nor true, I mean the thing is a mess. I would say the only way to explain the Temple’s poor alignment and level, is that it must have been put together in the dark of night, so the public could not photograph the construction of important hidden elements. But, don’t take my word, just drop a marble anywhere on that structure and it will just like magic begin to role away. In a structure that is properly built, this won’t happen, which must indicate Lincoln’s temple was built quickly and in the dark of night. Also, this temple was designed to be destroyed, so care and love was not placed into its structural foundations.

Now if you have ever, been in a bank Vault or nuclear shelter, you will be able to easily discover that Lincoln’s temple is such a structure. These structures feel different, different than any other place, this is something you just can’t hide. On the extreme comparison walk into a tent and then a bank vault or better yet a cave. Yes, yes that is it, it feels like a cave. Sound waves bounce around these structures ending in a continual hum of white noise. Caves are also cold and damp, they feel like you are in a rock; you just can’t hide this.

The tools I used to make my map and measure Lincoln’s temple were rather primitive, not accurate, un-calibrated but useful to make a roughed in sketch and get the lay of the Land. Joe the public quickly began to rattle in the next 19 questions.   Joe is dumb alright but not stupid, America is full of one thing, people out to seek a fortune, treasure and my activities quickly arose interest.

To complete the secret triangle, a line runs from the tip of the Washington Monument, 3548.48 to Lincoln’s temple. This would be the Hypotenuse which is rise over run. I am certain at this point a treasure, maybe a golden Ark has been placed. It might be right under Lincoln’s thrown, 30 feet or so down at the level of the reflecting pool.  Figuring out exactly where the lines intersect would require a good survey or, professional equipment. An instrument called a Total Station could find this spot in one hour of work. And, Total Stations are so easy a cave man can do it. All you would need is a cloak of invisibility for your treasure hunt.

If you were going to make a survey, first try and acquire one from the park authority. Not sure you could trust the accuracy of their maps, so you will need to make one. This is where things get rather more interesting because at the end of the Memorial Bridge, one of the Horsewoman statues is pointing down, to the best survey spot on the mall. The finger pointing statue is very similar to the “The Creation of Adam” gesture from the Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel, circa 1511. In the statue of the horsewoman pointing down, this is the best survey start point on the DC mall, because here you can drop a measuring tape over the side of the bridge and get a sea level mark. Also mark the time and date so you can document the tide.

The finger of the lady “Horsewoman” is pointing down

The other horsewoman figure is using the same hand sign as in the paintings from the inside of the Lincoln’s Temple. This hand sign is unique in its own right because it is strangely demonstrating a perpendicular hand sign. This perpendicular hand shows the fingers separated, except for the two middle fingers. What this hand gesture means is, there are two triangles one going up to the top of the Washington Monument and the other extending into the earth, the center of hell. So the hand signs are projecting the secret triangle found in Solomon’s third temple, in the third reconstruction, the Pi squaring machine.

Look for biblical treasure,  find a biblical trap; religion is evil and made by evil people. I was interested in the DC Mall because it violates, to the infinite degree a clear breach to the separation between church and state and uncovered the Dante Inferno plot by accident. In fact, I had never been in Lincoln’s Temple before I performed my field survey.

To outright steal the treasure, speaking as a geologist, tunneling is impossible because there is no good starting place and the land is wet. Dante, “In the swamp-like water of the river Styx, the wrathful fight each other on the surface”. This place was chosen to make tunneling an impossibility. No, the only way to get that treasure out of that ground would be to ride over the Memorial Bridge in a giant bull dozer.  I do not have the authority vested in me to perform a proper excavation but I could maybe give you an idea of what the treasure might be, “it be”. For shits and giggles, I could probably make three good guesses to what treasure can be found there. It is the best I can do with my limited resources. Would you like me to share?

I would place my first guess based on the assumption that human’s were similarly advanced in historical times. Most of my work in the H2onE2 and H3onE3 books worked toward that discovery. It was the underlining theme, all this other stuff just kept getting in the way, preventing me from concluding with this discovery. In fact, I feel I have proven this is more than possible. Beyond my literary interpretations, I found something in the ground that was very interesting.

I had this stupid job analyzing soil to classify it, hated the job and hated the boss. Anytime a building would be constructed, I was sent the drilling soils to analyze and classify them per USGS soil specifications.  Here, I did not find a tic tac box or anything on that scale, but I did find an interesting human layer at 40 feet deep under the ground surface. Down the soil column it was basically clean sand, which after 10 hours of working with your hands would wear away your skin till they were bright pink. See you have to rub the soil, and make little worms to analyze your sample all day and it sucked bad; for $9 an hour, what a fucking joke.

So, I am going through my last soil sample of the day, all clean sand and then a thick layer of greenish clay shows up, full of small broken shell fragments.  This could only indicate both deep ocean soil and a massive wave, a disaster on a biblical scale. Then I found just under the massive wave section, burnt wood and a strange oily substance like you would find at the bottom of a BBQ grill. I reported the human layer at 40 feet on the forms and told everyone, this is a holy shit moment, a discovery of a life time. With an excavation a complete ancient campsite could be unearth.

After the report was submitted, this analysis was removed by the senior engineer who signed off on the report. Here is when my search to prove Glacial Respiration really started and to think I ended up with a Dante church bomb, I would have never imagined. I do not believe for a moment this was the first time something of this magnitude was removed from a geotechnical report. They do it all the time, every time it appears in the ground. Not that it would impede a buildings development and construction time, a dig will still be require to put in any foundation, it is more a problem of implications.  The archeological community is well a where that an equally advanced human society lived on earth and was repeatedly wiped out by environmental disasters. This is why they focus all archeology projects at sites, which would absolutely have no advanced remains, like the top of a mountain where there is no stead water source for 20 miles.

So it is possible that the Ark treasure, under Lincoln’s Temple contains a piece of space junk from a past technologically advanced civilization. Not much can survive a full on Glacial Switch and as in the story from Pandora’s box, maybe it did fall from the sky “an ocean of stars”, like a satellite would. Later, this satellite object would be found by a shepherd in a desert and acquired by a king. Proof to Glacial Respiration and the H2onE2 book, which would in the end percolate my interest.

My second guess, at the treasure would be that it is really Anti-treasure and is the Anti-Christ, Jesus part 2, bad king David, or even the Muslim Mohamed re-making his re-appearance as the prophet and I your narrator. In the H3onE3 work I call him the Universal Sacrifice and prove his relationship to holywood’s re-interpretive media, Bart Simpson, Family Guy, Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, even Harrison Ford in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Essentially every story, song and dance has something in it about him. He is a universal theme, many names only one plot.

If this is the case than the painting of the naked child is him, a Droogie and his mother is the young nude woman, a Harpy angel who has fallen from the heavens and lost her wings. Also the old man in the painting, in the same scene must represent Zeus and is making the same hand signs that can be seen in the painting and outside with the horsewoman statue; not to mention Michelangelo “Pieta”. This image without any doubt, is of a Madonna and child, which is a religious theme and does not belong on a national memorial ground’s, in a country that constitution clearly declares the separation between church and state. There is some, social physiological justification to actually showing the public the holy of holies treasure. If so, here it is and this makes up my second guess because it does not explain the security. Although, Jules Guerin Reunion–murals clearly proves the stories of biblical times were intended to speak of the future times. A Clockwork Orange, a clock that clicks backwards.

My third and last guess is that Lincoln’s Temple does hold the treasures looted from the Jewish lands by the Knights Templar’s, 10 golden candle sticks, a torah or two, Ark of the Covenant, ext. The stonework scrolls on the top of each pillar, at Lincoln’s Temple clearly indicates something in writing is here. All Greek libraries would have carved scrolls in there pillars. The torah we read and the torah in the Ark of the Covenant would be quite different. So maybe you should drop your expectations, if your search is for an invisible man in the sky that watches you and loves you, ha, ha, ha. Yeah, might want to drop that at the door.

As far as the naked baby goes, what a trap, well designed to control and manipulate the population and repress the intellectual and artistic community. Good job there, very well done and executed, bravo. As such, the Lincoln memorial and DC Mall Bomb is the best oppressive and crewel structure in the world, well worth a Nobel Prize. The baby Dante, although did not get tricked by the gods, by Zeus, the ruling elite to set the world on fire, it was well built so an A+, on wickedness.  We shall wait for the last ticks of the Domes day clock, set by the Watch Men or the removal of corn, both result in the end of the rusted Iron Age, the end of you, your kids, the beginning of the last war WWIII.

In the movie the “Clash of the Titans”, which is the re-telling of the ancient Greek story of Perseus. Perseus is the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty, he was the first mythic hero of Greek mythology whose exploits included defeating various archaic monsters and provided the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians. Perseus was the Greek hero who killed the Gorgon, Medusa, and claimed Andromeda. Well in the Perseus tale where he killed Mudusa, he did so by looking into a shield. In this blog I certainly showed DC was designed to meet every criteria of Hell and uncovered a statue with a trap door in its shield.

So Perseus appears to not be a mythical hero but a future hero which is theoretically required to open the trap door in the shield. In the “Clash of the Titans” movie Perseus enters hell with a group of people, but comes out of hell alone, as the sole survivor. This is because the shield is a bomb. Yeah, don’t open that shield.

If the controlling elite are fabricating archetypal Perseus characters “Danta’s, Droogies, Book of Daniel” than they also need to fabricate a Kraken and I think we got one. In story, the Kraken has been evolved from the Greek God of the oceans Poseidon. I believe the Kraken is Poseidon’s animal shape, which he can shift into. Poseidon was later altered into a whale, in the Jonah and the whale bible story. Author Herman Melville continued to progress the whale representing Poseidon in his story as Moby-Dick, first published in 1851. Proliferating stories of gods and giving them a more earthly modern form is, in function and design making prophesies building future events, a future when the gods will do battle, and destroy the world. Lastly, Jules Verne’s in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) evolve Poseidon and modernized him into a Captain Nemo.

I believe the South Korean destroyer sunk on Mar 26, 2010 near the disputed Yellow Sea border, the BP Oil Spill and the Jul 28, 2010 Japanese M. Star oil supertanker ramming in the Strait of Hormuz by an un-seen ship must be the emergence of a Kraken figure, a Poseidon ready to destroy the earth and human population.



Here and now, I end my writing career with the inability to ever produce a comparable piece of work.

“Stay off the Roads”


Additional pictures below

The Sword of Zeus that wields fire for destruction, backside of the White House

Statues outside the Ronald Reagan building

Here the man represents Zeus and the boy is holding a bomb with a key attached with a rope.

The apposing Statue outside the Ronald Reagan building has a lady and a girl with a book.

The lady is leaning against the 10 Commandments

The little girl with the book might have a penis

Mormon Angel Moroni (prophet-warrior) outside Executive office.

Moroni is commonly identified by Latter-day Saints as the angel mentioned in Revelation 14:6

This is the angel who starts the end of the Iron Age

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7  Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Marquis de Lafayette

Here Lafayette is showing that that he designed Washington DC with a capital Grounds below everything, as were Hell would be found. So here he is showing he built Hell.

This is in reference to the ending of the ancient Greek Oedipus story were Oedipus disappears when the earth opened up. Basically Lafayette built the opening in the earth.

This is why Lafayette’s grave monument has a table above it showing he has condemned himself to Hell the underworld. The table also shows he is a watch man who prepared the table. I would have to say send his ass back to France.

Isaiah 21:5 “Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield”

He has some sword thing under the table like he is a Knights Templar.

DC Boulders

Dante’s Inferno: Circle 4 the  greedy on earth are doomed to push massive boulders back and forth, when they collide, they scream, “Why waste?” or “Why hoard?”














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